Security at Velta

Velta employs robust security measures, including AES encryption, TLS/SSL protocols, and GDPR compliance, to protect your data and maintain confidentiality. With our comprehensive security measures, you can trust that your sensitive information will remain safe and secure.


We strictly adhere to GDPR regulations and implement robust measures to protect personal data.

SSO Log In

You can securely access our services using secure Single Sign-On or SAML authentication.

Global Redundancy

We ensure operation with global redundancy, distributing resources and data across multiple regions worldwide.

Automated Backups

We ensure that backups of our entire plaform occur every 15 days and presisted for 30 days.

SSL/TLS by default

Industry standard encryption (≥ TLS V1.2) is ensured by default with-in Veltas entire platform.

Velta Edge Firewall

We offer the flexibility to block unwanted access by employing regex patterns to filter IPs, ASNs, or specific countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Responsible Disclosure

Get in touch with our security team to disclose any security vulnerabilities.