Edge Compute

Accelerate apps at the edge.

Edge Compute enables easy deployment and execution of any application at the edge, improving performance and reducing latency.

Efficient Edge Computing.

Easy Deployment
Velta Edge Compute simplifies the process of deploying applications at the edge. With a user-friendly UI and straightforward setup, developers can quickly deploy to the edge.
Improved Performance
By executing applications at the edge, Edge Compute significantly enhances performance. This approach reduces latency by minimizing the round-trip between the client and the server.
Customizable Solutions
Velta Edge Compute offers flexibility and other options, allowing developers to leverage the power of containers and use it according to their needs.
Efficient Edge Execution
By executing applications at the edge, Velta Edge Compute maximizes efficiency, minimizing the computing costs and by reducing latency of your application with edge routing.

It's fast.

Accelerate your apps with our edge network.

Content Delivery Network

Our CDN uses a global network of servers to deliver web content faster. It improves speed, reliability, and user experience.


Distributed computing to improve performance and reliability by bringing computation and data storage closer to devices.

Secure by default

We offer secure & reliable protection for your applications and data with features such as automatic failover, WAF, and isolation.

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