Edge Events

Realtime communication made easier.

Velta Edge Events is a secure cloud based messaging system designed for high scalability used by production at Pandabase.

import * as Event from "@veltahq/events";

const event = new Event(process.env.SECRET as string);

(async() => {
    try {
        await event.messages.send({
            url: 'https://events.velta.dev',
            message: JSON.stringify({ "payload": {} }),
            retry: { enabled: true, times: 3 },
        await event.jobs.create({
            'name': 'db backups', url: '', syntax: '5 * * * *'
    } catch (e) {

Sub-second latency.

Event Logs
Get valuable insights with comprehensive event logging. Easily debug real-time issues and accelerate your development faster. Scale to thousands and millions.
Fast Delievery
Message delievery is lightning-fast with our proprietary technology. Our system can handle millions of messages per second, ensuring horizontal scalability.
Messages are encrypted before taking in and out with AES and requests contain a SHA256 HMAC signed header to validate authenticity. Data protection is our top priority.
Globally Distributed
Velta Edge Events utilizes the same infrastructure that powers our Edge Compute. This enables efficient caching, closer message delivery, and much more on a global scale.

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